Rhodium Rod

Rhodium (Rh) Rods, Round Bars with purity of 99.99% and more starting from diameter 2mm available in stock in pre-cut lengths to buy online from our shop.

Rhodium Rod available in different compostion and various Sizes, Length to buy online.

The major use of rhodium is in catalytic converters for cars (80%). It reduces nitrogen oxides in exhaust gases.

Rhodium is also used as catalysts in the chemical industry, for making nitric acid, acetic acid and hydrogenation reactions.

It is used to coat optic fibres and optical mirrors, and for crucibles, thermocouple elements and headlight reflectors. It is used as an electrical contact material as it has a low electrical resistance and is highly resistant to corrosion.

You can also contact us at sales@pgmetalshop.com for custom lengths or different diameters.

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Showing all 2 results